NinjaTrader Trading Platform Review 2024, Pros & Cons

NinjaTrader Trading Platform Review 2024: The NinjaTrader is an advanced trading platform for active traders looking to execute futures, forex, and stocks. Known for its deep charting and statistics capabilities, NinjaTrader also features market replay technology, automated strategy building, and integrated brokerage support.

What is NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader provides an institutional-grade trading platform with advanced functionality targeted at experienced traders.

Key Details About NinjaTrader

Type Trading Platform
Focus Futures, Forex, Stocks
Developer NinjaTrader Group
Platform Desktop & Web Apps
Brokers 40+ global partners

Boasting high-performance charting, market analytics, automated trading, and multi-broker support in a free package.

ninjatrader platform review 2024

NinjaTrader Platform Review

As an industry leader, NinjaTrader delivers a world-class suite of tools for active trading.

Standout NinjaTrader platform features:

  • Advanced customizable charting
  • Backtesting trading strategies across 10+ years of data
  • Code-free strategy automation with NinjaScript Editor
  • Replay historical market conditions
  • Integrated trading through brokerage partners
  • Completely free for advanced simulation & analytics

Between the depth of capabilities and the free platform access, NinjaTrader hits the mark for sophisticated independent traders.

NinjaTrader Trading Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Highly customizable charts & indicators Steep learning curve
Automated strategy building and testing Requires broker for live trading
Replays historical market data Limited tools for long-term investing
Feature-rich free platform option
Desktop install limits web access
Institutional-grade functionality Third-party commissions and fees

With its focus catering specifically to futures, forex, and stock traders pursuing advanced analytics, NinjaTrader wins on depth – but loses some accessibility in the process.

How to Open a Brokerage Account @

Opening a brokerage account to enable live trading through the NinjaTrader platform is straightforward:

  1. Visit and select a certified brokerage partner
  2. Click to open an account with the broker, submitting the requested personal details
  3. Fund your account with the minimum required deposit amount
  4. Download NinjaTrader for free independent access
  5. Connect the platform to a brokerage account for live market access!
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With leading publicly regulated brokers across global markets integrated, traders can select the partnership aligning with their geographic and asset preferences.

How to Buy Shares on the NinjaTrader Platform?

Thanks to deep brokerage integrations, buying stocks through the NinjaTrader platforms is intuitive:

  1. Open an account with the integrated brokerage
  2. Deposit account funds
  3. Search stocks by symbol, filters in the platform
  4. Analyze using advanced charts and market analytics
  5. Enter buy order details
  6. Route order through connected broker account

Traders can rely on proven execution and support from a long list of trusted brokers. Access to futures and forex augments stock trading possibilities further.

NinjaTrader Brokerage Fees / Pricing

The NinjaTrader software itself comes at no cost, supporting advanced simulation training. But to access live market data and trading, integrated brokerage account fees apply:

Brokerage Fees

  • Commissions per trade | Varies, ~$1-$10 per contract
  • Account minimums | $100 to $10,000+
  • Market data fees | Optional $10-$200 per month

As an independent platform, base costs are free for simulation. But like any trading, commissions and market fees add up from the connected brokerage account used to fund and execute live trades.

NinjaTrader Paper Trading

For traders looking to test drive the platform risk-free, NinjaTrader’s paper trading functionality mirrors the live markets in a simulated environment.

The key attributes of NinjaTrader paper trading include:

  • Real-time streaming simulated data
  • Paper trade futures, forex, cryptos, stocks
  • Test strategies with zero risk first
  • Seamless transition to live trading
  • Fully featured free platform access

Thanks to the high-fidelity simulated data, paper trading strategies on the NinjaTrader platform instill trading confidence and preparedness.

How to Login to My NinjaTrader Account?

Accessing the NinjaTrader platform to capitalize on market opportunities takes just minutes:

  1. Visit and click “My Account”
  2. Enter the registered email and account password
  3. Access license manager and platform download
  4. Run the application installer
  5. Connect the application to the brokerage account
  6. Analyze markets and place test trades!
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The login process also supports resetting passwords and multifactor authentication for enhanced security.

How to Withdraw Money from a NinjaTrader brokerage account?

Accessing money from a connected NinjaTrader brokerage account involves a few simple steps:

  1. Log into the brokerage account portal
  2. Navigate to Banking or Withdraw Funds page
  3. Input the amount and select the desired withdrawal method
  4. Submit withdrawal request securely
  5. Allow 24 hours for withdrawal processing
  6. Transfer shows in account activity

As NinjaTrader connects to accounts from major brokers, withdrawals follow proven security practices. Alerts and detailed reporting keep traders aware.

How to Add Money to a NinjaTrader Brokerage Account?

Depositing additional funds into your integrated brokerage account fueling your NinjaTrader platform is straightforward:

  1. Access brokerage account portal
  2. Choose the Deposit page or a similar
  3. Select the desired payment method like bank wire
  4. Enter an amount to deposit
  5. Follow secure instructions to complete the transfer
  6. Allow 1-3 days for bank transfers

Repeating or increasing deposits through connected brokerage accounts keeps trading activity rolling thanks to NinjaTrader’s broker integrations.

How to Buy and Sell Stock on Ninja Trader?

Executing equity trades seamlessly fits into the NinjaTrader workflow:

Buying Stocks

  1. Search for stock by symbol or filters
  2. Analyze using advanced charting and analytics
  3. Input trade details like quantity and order type
  4. Route buy order to connected brokerage
  5. Funds exchanged; position held in an account

Selling Stocks

  1. Visit the account positions dashboard
  2. Select stock position
  3. Choose close all or partial shares
  4. Set risk management orders like profit take
  5. Submit to connected brokerage
  6. Receive sale proceeds in the account
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NinjaTrader provides top-tier trading capabilities – from pre-trade analytics to post-trade account reporting. State-of-the-art functionality improves accessibility thanks to deep brokerage integrations.

NinjaTrader Bonus Deposit

To attract active traders, many certified NinjaTrader brokerages offer client promotions like:

  • Match deposits up to $5000
  • Cash rebates on volume trades
  • Referral bonuses for friend signups
  • Demo contest with real prizes

Combining proven brokerage relationships with discretionary deposits and trading rewards, the NinjaTrader ecosystem delivers added value.

NinjaTrader Customer Service & Contact

Between NinjaTrader and connected brokers, traders enjoy robust support resources:

  • Email & Chat Support through brokerages
  • Knowledge bases & user forums
  • Video tutorials & platform guides
  • US & International contact numbers
  • Multi-lingual customer service

Ninjatrader Help & Support

With domain expertise catering to active traders, questions find answers quickly to maximize platform proficiency.

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