How to Earn Money from Upstox Without Investment in India 2024

Upstox offers an excellent opportunity to earn from the stock markets in 2024 without investing through its referral program. This article provides details about Upstox, the earning potential and steps to start earning.


Upstox is one of India’s leading discount broker backed by marquee investors like Ratan Tata. With its innovative trading platforms and zero account opening charges, it has emerged as a popular choice for investors.

The Upstox referral program allows earning attractive rewards and bonuses when you refer your friends and family to open a Demat account. Read on to know more about how to earn from Upstox without any investment.

About Upstox

Upstox offers discount brokerage, zero account opening fees and fast digital account opening powered by cutting-edge technology. Key features include:

  • Commission rates starting at just Rs 20 per order
  • Intuitive mobile and web trading platforms
  • Paperless digital account opening in under 5 minutes
  • Research tools, charting and trading tips from experts
  • Awards from IFC, ET and more for innovation and trust

With such an innovative product, Upstox is ideal for referrals.

Earning Opportunity Without Investment

The Upstox referral scheme offers an opportunity to earn up to Rs 2500 for every friend referred. The rewards include:

  • Account opening cash bonus of Rs 250
  • Additional cash bonus of up to Rs 1000
  • Upstox points worth up to Rs 1500

So by referring just 5 friends, you can easily earn over Rs 5000 without investing anything.

How to Earn via Upstox Referral

Follow these simple steps to earn from the Upstox referral program:

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Step 1: Register on Upstox

Open a Demat account on Upstox via web or mobile app by providing your basic details. Account opening is completely digital.

Step 2: Find Referral Link

Once your account is opened, you’ll receive an exclusive referral link. This link helps Upstox track your referred customers.

Step 3: Share Link with Friends

Promote your referral link among family and friends interested in stock market investments. Share over WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Step 4: Get Rewards

You will receive cash and points rewards directly into your Upstox wallet when someone signs up using your link and completes account opening formalities.

Step 5: Withdraw Earnings

Accumulate rewards and redeem them instantly into your bank account. There is no lock-in or minimum threshold.

How to Get Upstox Referral Account

Follow these steps for referral account activation and set up:

Step 1: Install Mobile App

Download and install the Upstox Pro mobile app on your phone. It is available on Android and iOS.

Step 2: Enter Details

Provide your basic personal details like name, email ID, PAN card etc to open your account digitally in a few minutes.

Step 3: Accept Terms

Review and accept the account opening terms and conditions online to complete your signup.

Step 4: Referral Activation

Your unique referral link gets activated automatically once account opening is complete.

Step 5: View Dashboard

Log in to your Upstox account anytime to view live dashboard showing your successful referrals and rewards earned.

Tips to Earn More

Follow these tips for higher referral earnings:

  • Share your link in active stock market groups on social media
  • Personalize messages to improve conversions
  • Highlight the exciting rewards on offer
  • Target groups with interest in online trading
  • Regularly engage referred users to improve stickiness
  • Promote consistently but avoid spamming
  • Track your performance to identify what works
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The Upstox referral program presents an exciting opportunity to earn rewards worth thousands without investing in 2024. Follow the steps above, promote cleverly and scale your referrals to maximize earnings.

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