Saxo Trader Pro Trading Platform Review 2024, Pros & Cons, Commission Deposit

Saxo Trader Pro Trading Platform Review 2024: SaxoTraderPro is a high-powered multi-asset trading platform offered by Saxo Bank. The all-in-one platform delivers trading for forex, CFDs, stocks, futures, bonds, and more alongside professional risk management and custom reporting tools.

What is SaxoTraderPro / Saxo Bank?

SaxoTraderPro is an advanced web-based trading platform packed with tools tailored to active individual traders and institutional managers alike.

Key Details About SaxoTraderPro

Type Trading Platform
Focus Global Multi-Asset
Developer Saxo Bank
Key Markets Europe, Asia
Platforms Browser-based, Apps

Over 25 years of innovation has evolved SaxoTraderPro into a state-of-the-art trading terminal covering thousands of global markets.

Sexo trader pro review 2024

Saxo Trading Platform Review

SaxoTraderPro delivers an elite multi-asset trading experience supporting global opportunities and risk control through a unified interface.

Key features include:

  • Unified access to global stocks, ETFs, futures, forex and more
  • Customizable workspaces, dashboards, charting
  • 400+ technical analysis indicators and overlays
  • Automated trading strategies development
  • Sophisticated options analytical tools
  • Vast historical and streaming market data

For demanding professional traders, institutions, and asset managers alike, SaxoTraderPro stands out as a proven choice.

SaxoTraderPRO Trading Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Institutional-grade multi-asset trading Steep learning curve
Powerful portfolio monitoring tools Higher pricing for active traders
Real-time news and economic data feeds Complex margin requirements
Dedicated support and user training Broad assets dilute niche assets’ depth

As a highly flexible and globally diverse offering, SaxoTraderPro wins on breadth – but costs and initial complexity could limit accessibility. Still, for institutions and committed traders, the trading platform stands strong.

How to Open a Brokerage Account @

Opening a Saxo Bank account for full SaxoTraderPro platform access takes just 5 minutes:

  1. Visit and select “Open Account
  2. Enter your details and choose the account type
  3. Review and accept legal terms
  4. Verify ID digitally using BankID or similar
  5. Access SaxoTraderPro login!
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With fully digital application processing including eSignature and multi-factor verification, account creation is seamless. Minimum eligible account balances are required.

How to Buy Shares on the Saxo Trading Platform?

SaxoTraderPro delivers Equity CFD trading with deep liquidity across global exchanges:

  1. Search stocks by symbol, filters in the platform
  2. Analyze charts, fundamentals, ratings
  3. Input trade size, price, or expiry preferences
  4. Directly execute advanced order types
  5. Monitor open positions dynamically

Robust charting, screener tools, trading algorithms, and Level II data empower confident global Equity CFD trading powered by AI analytics.

Saxo Bank Brokerage Fees / Pricing

Saxo Bank offers transparent volume-based commissions:

Equities Trading Fees

  • Stocks, ETFs: ~0.10% each way, minimums apply
  • CFDs: Financing charges apply
  • Platform fee: Waived with sufficient account activity

Additional Fees

  • Inactivity fees: Charges may apply
  • Withdrawal fees: Bank transfer fees possible
  • Exchange data fees: Assessed based on usage

With volume discounts and reasonable financing rates, Saxo supports very active traders cost-efficiently. Open pricing and analysis offset account minimums.

Saxo Rewards & Commission Credit

To incentivize trading activity, SaxoTraderPro delivers loyalty programs like:

  • Reward points for executed trades
  • Quarterly commission rebates
  • Enter demo contests to earn prizes
  • Receive premium platform features

Combining institutional execution with attractive promotions, Saxo caters to committed traders looking for an all-in-one solution.

How to Access My Account at

Logging into SaxoTraderPro grants access to a unified trading experience across thousands of instruments and global markets:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Locate and enter credentials in the login portal
  3. Access the dashboard to customize layouts
  4. Enable 2FA security options
  5. Configure trading preferences and alerts
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With browser-based convenience and mobile synchronization, SaxoTraderPro login enables trading opportunities across a vast range of asset classes.

How to Withdraw Money from Saxo Bank?

Accessing profits securely from a Saxo Bank trading account involves a clear process with digital verification:

  1. Login to the Saxo online portal
  2. Locate and complete the withdrawal request
  3. Confirm the transfer amount and details
  4. Approve withdrawal via email verification
  5. Saxo processes request same-day
  6. Receive funds in a bank account in 1-3 days

Saxo withdrawal handling is optimized for speed and transparency thanks to its commitment to ethical banking principles.

How to Add Money to Saxo Brokerage?

Depositing funds into Saxo trading accounts also leverages digital verification for simplicity:

  1. Access the Saxo portal and begin the deposit form
  2. Select deposit method – bank transfers or cards
  3. Input the desired deposit amount
  4. Verify transfer through SMS or app
  5. Saxo receives and credits account
  6. Deposit reflected in account balance

Across desktop and mobile, Saxo accounts simplify moving funds safely thanks to secure verification procedures protecting every step.

How to Buy and Sell Stock on Saxo’s Web?

Executing trades across a range of access from cash equities to equity derivatives is straightforward within SaxoTraderPro:

Buying Stocks

  1. Use a unified search for global equities
  2. Analyze ratings, charts, matrices
  3. Input quantity, price parameters
  4. Route advanced order type
  5. Saxo Bank settles exchange

Selling Stocks

  1. Visit the Open Positions dashboard
  2. Select position order
  3. Choose to sell all or partial
  4. Set risk parameters like profit takes
  5. Review and submit to the bank

Throughout, SaxoTraderPro provides professional-grade execution and post-trade reporting across a spectrum of equity instruments.

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SaxoTraderPro Customer Service & Contact

Saxo Bank provides dedicated multi-channel support from a trained team of experts:

  • Phone and chat assistance
  • Local branch offices globally
  • Schedule remote demo overview
  • Knowledge and video tutorials
  • Multi-lingual team

You can visit the “support center” from the Saxo website to find the answers to your questions online topic related to:

  • Opening an account
  • Funding and withdrawals
  • Video guides
  • Using our trading platforms
  • Manage your account
  • Technical support
  • Trading costs
  • Trading our products

Client asset and data safety represent a core pillar of Saxo Bank’s mission. This same focus on service professionalism translates directly into its capable client assistance experience from onboarding through advanced trading.

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