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Webull Trading Platform Review 2024: Webull is an innovative online stock trading platform that offers commission-free trades and in-depth market data. Founded in 2017, Webull aims to make investing accessible for everyone. This Webull review covers the key features, pros and cons, fees, and who this platform is best suited for.

Webull Trading Company – Overview

WEBULL Details
Founding Date 2017
Headquarters New York, NY
Founders Wang Anquan, Wu Tianhua
Funding Privately held, venture capital-backed
Customers Over 15 million worldwide
Employees 501-1000 employees
Registrations SEC registered, FINRA member
Clearing Webull Financial LLC, Apex Clearing
Insurance SIPC insured up to $500,000
Trading Volume Over 100 billion trades per month
Assets $100+ billion in customer assets
Account Types Individual, joint, IRA, trust
Traded Assets Stocks, ETFs, options, crypto
Mobile Apps iOS, Android app with 4.7/5 rating

Webull Trading Platform Login

Signing up for a Webull account is quick and easy. You can register with your email, Google account, or Facebook profile. Once your account is open, simply log in on webull.com or through the mobile app with your username and password.

The Webull login process uses two-factor authentication for added security. You’ll need to enter a code from an authenticator app or have a code texted to you when logging in from a new device.

webull trading plateform

Webull Trading Platform Fees

One of Webull’s biggest selling points is its lack of trading commissions. Webull offers unlimited commission-free trades on stocks, ETFs, and options. There are no account minimums or inactivity fees either.

While trades are commission-free, there are some other fees to be aware of:

  • SEC and FINRA trading activity fees – $0.000119 per share for equity sells and $0.002 per contract for options trades. This is standard across brokers.
  • ATC (Access to Current Information) – $0.005 per OTC trade. This is a small regulatory fee.
  • Paper statement fee – $2 per mailed paper account statement. Statements are free online.
  • Wire transfer fee – $8 inbound, $25 outbound domestic, $40 outbound international. ACH transfers are free.
  • Account transfer fee – $75 full, $25 partial.

Compared to other online brokers, Webull’s fee structure is very competitive. The lack of commissions makes frequent trading affordable.

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How to Withdraw Money from Webull Brokerage Account?

Withdrawing funds from your Webull account is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Access your Webull account on the official website  ‘www.webull.com’,
  2. Go to the Balances page. Select the Withdraw tab.
  3. Choose your withdrawal method – ACH or wire transfer.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. The minimum is $5.
  5. Confirm your banking details. Make sure these match the account you want to withdraw to.
  6. Review and submit the withdrawal request.

Withdrawals over $50,000 require additional identity verification for security purposes.

ACH withdrawals take 1-3 business days. Wire transfers are usually processed the same or the next business day.

Check Webull’s withdrawal limits for the maximum amounts you can take out. There are also daily and monthly withdrawal limits in place.

How to Add Money to Webull Brokerage Account

It’s easy to fund your Webull account to start trading. You have a few options:

  • ACH transfer – Link an external bank account and transfer money into Webull. Transfers are free and take 2-4 business days.
  • Wire transfer – Request an incoming wire from your bank. Wires come with an $8 fee but are completed the same or the next day.
  • PayPal – Instantly transfer funds into Webull via PayPal. Just link your PayPal account in the Webull app.
  • Webull card – Directly deposit funds by reloading your Webull debit card. Loads incur a small fee.

There are no minimum balance requirements to open or maintain a Webull account. You can start trading as soon as your deposit clears.

Webull Brokerage Fees

The main advantage of using Webull is the $0 stock, ETF, and options trades. There are no monthly fees or minimums to open an account either.

Here are the standard Webull brokerage fees:

  • $0 stock trades, ETF trades, and options trades
  • No account minimums or inactivity fees
  • Margin interest rates from 3.22% – 5.5%
  • $0.000119 per share SEC/FINRA fee on equity sell
  • $0.002 per contract for options trades
  • Access to Current Information (ATC) fee of $0.005 per OTC trade
  • Paper statement fee of $2 per mailed statement
  • $8 wire transfer fee for deposits, $25/$40 wire withdrawals
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For active traders, Webull provides commission-free stocks and options with no hidden fees. Margin rates are also competitive. Overall, Webull offers a straightforward fee structure and low costs for trading and investing.

How to Buy Stock on Webull Brokerage Account

Purchasing stocks on Webull takes just a few clicks. Follow these instructions:

  1. Search for the stock you want to buy. You can use the search bar, and screener tools, or browse stocks by categories.
  2. Select the stock and enter the share amount you want to purchase.
  3. Click the Trade button. This will open an order ticket.
  4. Set the order type – market order, limit order, stop order, etc. Market orders are bought at the current market price.
  5. Double-check the quantity, order type, symbol, and price.
  6. Click the Submit button to place the buy order.

Once the order is filled, the shares will show in your account. It’s that easy to buy stocks commission-free on Webull’s trading platform!

How to Sell Stock on Webull Brokerage Account

Selling stocks and taking profits on Webull is just as simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the stock in your Webull account you want to sell.
  2. Select Sell on the stock menu. This will open an order ticket.
  3. Enter the number of shares you want to sell.
  4. Set the order type – market, limit, etc. Market sell orders fill at the current market price.
  5. Review the details to make sure everything is correct.
  6. Submit the sell order.

Once the order is filled, the shares will be removed from your account and the cash proceeds will show in your buying power and cash balance.

You can close positions in a few clicks to lock in profits or cut losses. The process is seamless with Webull’s trading interface.

Webull Brokerage Account

Opening a WeBull brokerage account provides access to free stock and options trading. Here’s an overview of Webull’s account options:

Individual brokerage accounts – taxable trading accounts for individuals. Includes stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto.

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Joint accounts – shared account for 2 people. Convenient for spouses or partners to manage investments together.

Traditional, Roth, and Rollover IRAs – tax-advantaged retirement accounts. All the same trading features as individual accounts.

Trust accounts – specialized accounts to trade on behalf of a trust.

Custodial accounts – accounts opened by parents/guardians for minors. Features limited trading permissions.

Webull accounts have $0 minimums and no inactivity fees. Account funding options include ACH, wire, PayPal, Webull debit cards, and crypto-wallets. Overall, Webull provides flexible account types for various investors and traders.

Webull Paper Trading

Webull offers virtual paper trading accounts alongside real money accounts. Paper trading allows you to test out investing strategies without risking your capital.

Here are the key features of Webull’s paper trading:

  • Simulate trading stocks, ETFs, forex, and crypto with $100,000 in virtual funds.
  • Practice with real market data and prices.
  • Test different order types like market, limit, and stop orders.
  • Analyze your profit & loss on paper trades.
  • Compete against other paper traders on public leaderboards.
  • Seamlessly switch between paper trading and live trading modes.

Paper trading on Webull provides an excellent risk-free way for beginners to learn trading fundamentals. Seasoned investors also use paper trading to test new strategies. Overall, it’s a useful tool available alongside regular Webull accounts.

Webull Brokerage Customer Service

Webull clients can get support through email, phone, and live chat. U.S. based customer service is available 24/7.

Some ways to get help on Webull:

  • Email support at customerservices@webull.com for inquiries and questions.
  • Call 888-828-0618 to speak with a live brokerage representative.
  • Initiate live chat for real-time support through the Webull app.
  • Access Webull’s help center for FAQs, guides, and educational resources.
  • Join Webull’s active online community forums to ask questions.

Webull prioritizes timely customer service and support. Response times are generally prompt across their various contact methods.


In summary, Webull delivers an impressive suite of trading tools, market data, and low-cost trades for stocks, options, and crypto. While it lacks some advanced features for active traders, Webull is a top choice for casual investors who value an easy-to-use

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